February 19th & 20th, 2024

Don't miss this one of a kind bus conference that will leave you fired up and ready to reach your area for Christ.

You're Invited


Darrell Cox

Beside his busy schedule at Trinity Baptist Church, Pastor Cox takes time to help other churches start bus ministries and establish Soul Winning programs. 

David Ballert

Under the leadership of Pastor Ballert, Bethel Baptist Church has grown an excitement and passion for reaching lost souls through the bus ministry.

William Tyson

Pastor William Tyson was introduced to Woodlawn Baptist Church as a young boy by riding one of their "Blue Buses" to church. Years later, he would be voted in as Pastor by the congregation.

Bill Reeves

Pastor Reeves has been the pastor at North Platte Baptist Church since 2004. Through his leadership the bus ministry has expanded and continues to grow, reaching many in our community with the Gospel.

David Reeves

David Reeves is the youngest son of Pastor and Mrs. Reeves and has captained a bus route at North Platte Baptist Church for over 10 years. He has served on staff since 2015 and as bus director since 2018.


Monday Night


The 2024 MRBC kicks off Monday evening at 7pm! Be prepared for an exciting time that will keep you on your feet.


Day Sessions


Enjoy a light breakfast at our North Campus as sessions begin for pastors, bus captains, and everyone in between.


Tuesday Night


Enjoy a night of fun, inspiration, and encouragement that will stir your heart and charge you up for the bus ministry.


The Forgotten Bus Kid

Watch the 2023 featured bus ministry promo

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